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The future is all about mobility!
And the only way to be mobile and stay connected and available is by being connected to the Internet!

This leads us to the Internet of Things – People, Technology and Machines being connected – all the time.

This now opens up a whole Universe of opportunities, but for now, Lowther is focusing on the core technology areas of its expertise that fit into the Internet of Things, being The WING – our Mobile Communicator, Voice Evacuation and Emergency Public Address Systems, Building Management Systems and Fire Detection & Alarms, to mention just a few.

Our CV is pretty impressive ...
  1. We designed and implemented the largest distributed Video Conferencing “Virtual” Bridge into any company in South Africa or Africa! Consisting of 12 RADVISION IP or H.323 based MCU’s (Multi Point Control Units) distributed nationally from Cape Town to Polokwane. This distributed architecture allowed for not only bandwidth aggregation,  failover and redundancy,  as well as the ability to host more than 300 concurrent sessions at any one time. This had NEVER been done before - in South Africa or Africa.
  1. In partnership with T-Systems South Africa, we won a commission to supply all the Voice Evacuation and EPPA services throughout the whole Eskom Kusile Power Station.

    We also are rather proud to announce that our Design, Technology and associated Documentation also passed Eskom’s Factory Acceptance Testing on our 1st attempt. We are told by the Eskom Project Engineers that this in itself is quite a distinction and something that we should be very proud about. We are!
     Not many companies get it right 1st time!

    It also remains a fact that not many companies trading in this space in South Africa and most of the World, get an opportunity to work on build programs and projects on such a massive scale. The last Power Station built in South Africa was done in excess of 30 years ago.  This means that not many current suppliers or service providers or engineers based in South Africa have had such hands on experience.
  2. We identified a need for, designed, built, tested, patented and implement the world’s 1st truly portable Mobile Audio & Visual Communicator. The WING. A device that allows clients to offer and SHARE Audio & Visual support services in any location, at any time! We call it 03 or Zero Cubed – Zero time to commission on site. Zero time to deploy within the site. Zero time to de-commission for redeployment elsewhere! Video Conferencing, Data Presentations, Electronic Whiteboarding, Digital Signage, Dual Screen  – all from one device!
    Sweat the Asset! Don’t confine your AV technology investments to only one venue.

Just a few distinctions achieved by Lowther Communications and our Partners to say the least and references and experience that stand us in good stead to tackle most any other projects that we pitch for.
This is all been made possible due to the calibre of people Lowther Communications employs and partners with. Passionate. Enthusiastic. Sincere. Ethical. Empathetic. Knowledgeable. Dedicated. Real Professionals!
Together with our partners, Integrated Network Technologies(also known as INT), we have the in-house capacity to offer turnkey solutions in support of our IT Network and Infrastructure requirements, from the Network Architecture Design to Fibre and cable Reticulation and installation.