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About Lowther Communications
We wish to redefine the parameters as previously expected within the technology category. Create an environment where the adoption and integration of technology is equal, and in no way inferior nor superior, to the requirements of the modern communicator.
To create a developmental innovative service offering that fulfills all communication and interactive requirements of our respective industry partners and consumers
Lowther Communications (LC) is a technology company firmly structured around innovation and development of future technologies and applications.
The LC team is often called to reassess current technology and develop new methods of utilizing said technology in order to provide real world solutions in an augmented reality.

The Technology industry has taken a fundamental shift into being part of our everyday life with more consumers interacting and in fact requiring more technology than ever before in order to fulfill their workplace responsibilities.

This problem solving mentality has defined the team as the Engineer Artist of their field taking the impossible and developing better more intuitive solutions to problems facing the creative corporate communicator

Our departments don’t exist in isolation but as group of symbiotic engineering units design to work independently as required but flourish interdependently.

Integration is a key term when surrounded by the LC team – even more so Convergence; but not the abstract concept of convergence but the hands on physical manipulation of technology in order to create and bring order to world sometimes overwhelmed with haphazard technological solutions.