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Introducing the Wing.
The Lowther WING will change the way your office communicates.
Effectively the WING is a completely movable & fully integrated communication solution for all your corporate and convention requirements.

The WING has multiple functions from video conferencing to exhibition display and when not being utilised in the boardroom simply roll it into your lobby to use the WING as a brand communicator.
What is Lowther Communications.
Lowther Communications is a technology company firmly structured around innovation and development of future technologies and applications.
The Lowther Communications team is often called-on to develop new methods of utilising current technology in order to provide real world solutions in an business reality dependant on technology services.
Latest news, and the stories we are reading.
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March 2014 - Tim Sandham
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March 2014 - PAUL LOWTHER
3D Printing: The Business Opportunities
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